Jamboree - started in 2008 - is a non profit initiative that facilitates collaborative music amongst amateur music enthusiasts. It was was founded in September 2008 to provide opportunities for nonprofessional (but dedicated) musicians to play solo and ensemble works in front of an appreciative audience. Through regularly scheduled monthly recitals, members may play any composition of their choosing, performing in an intimate yet recital-like setting.

The Platform is dedicated to encourage the refinement of musical performance technique, regardless of proficiency level. Rather than focus on technical perfection, Jamboree emphasizes the need for meaningful, inspired performances that are mutually satisfying for audience and performer alike.

With its emphasis on technical perfection and competition, the Indian music industry rarely provides networking and performance opportunities for the dedicated non-professional. Jamboree was established to provide a supportive, non-critical environment for the music amateur.

It's performances are an interactive experience, providing the following benefits:

  • For the performer, an opportunity to conquer "stage fright" and refine the finer points of their stage presence by playing in front of an audience.
  • For the audience, the chance to offer feedback directly to the performer, as well as observe the performance preparation process.
CREX has supported this initiative right from its inception by way of sponsoring Jamboree events whenever required.


Jamboree seeks to provide non-professional musicians
the motivation to study, publicly perform and enjoy all forms of music.

Jamboree recognizes the talent and dedication of its members,
and is committed to helping each one discover the joy of public performance.

Perfection is not required, only enthusiasm and appreciation of music.